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Human expansion to other galaxies is not well seem by the Mahra, an alien and powerfull race.

War was inevitable...

You are the commander of the Human race!

Colonize as many worlds to win!

You play as the humans against an alien race.
You win the game if you conquer more planets than the Aiens by the end of 20 game cycles.
Your fleets (ships) are the main pieces in the game. Click left mouse button to select, right mouse button click inside the ship circle of movement to move it.
Ships Jump in space, they move from one point to the other directly.
Move your ship over a neutral planet to conquer it.
Move over an enemy ship to battle.
Move over your own ship to merge.
Mouse wheel do the zoom in the game and left click - drag pan the view (move the game view).
Invest your money in planets you own by clicking on it and them on the button to buy more stats (ships - factory icon, science points - lamp icon, money - money icon).
Number inside the button is the cost to upgrade 1 point in the stat. Same for technology, click on the menu open button on left top of screen to open tech.
Buy new level with buttons (number inside the button is the cost to up a level). Techs take effect after every new cycle.

Install instructions

Download, unzip and have fun!


StarConquerors.rar 64 MB

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